Executive Spotlight: Q&A with Vice President, Global Commercial, Britt Norwood

Welcome back to our executive blog series, where I chat with some of the pivotal players behind McAfee Enterprise to hear their takes on today’s security trends, challenges, and opportunities for enterprises across the globe. Dive into the conversation below with Vice President, Global Commercial, Britt Norwood.

Q: What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?

My first career was as a paper boy from 5th through 8th grade, but I always wanted to be a professional golfer. However, when I realized I was not that good at golf, I decided to pursue a career in business and technology.

Q: What do you think about talent in the technology and security industry? 

The talent we have in this industry is amazing, people are working so hard every day, but our foes are relentless, and we will always need talent who can look at problems with diverse viewpoints.

Q: Which emerging technology do you think holds the most promise once it matures?

I’m interested in seeing the continued progress around the unification of threat hunting (EDR, XDR, MDR), as we better understand the power of machine learning, automated detection, and AI as it pertains to quickly identifying malicious code and non-conforming behaviors. This is a world where the surface is just being scratched. As this technology matures and develops, there is power for good, but it will always need to be balanced in a way that makes sure the uses are ethical and moral. This will be a true new frontier as it unfolds.

Q: What are some of the trends you are curr ..

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