Why MSSPs are Partnering with the Power of Taegis™ XDR

Why MSSPs are Partnering with the Power of Taegis™ XDR


MSSPs who offer Managed XDR can provide greater value to their customers
Managed XDR helps MSSPs stand out in a crowded marketplace
Partner with Secureworks® through our MSSP Program, and you’ll own the relationship with the customers

When most people think of MSSPs, they usually think of a small number of big name national and international companies. In reality, there are a huge number of smaller MSSPs that make up a significant portion of the overall security services market. These MSSPs are often based in local geographic areas, serving the security needs of the organizations where they are.

Unlike the big name MSSPs, these smaller companies don’t have huge budgets and easy access to the world’s best security experts and technologists. This poses two major challenges: How to stand out in a crowded marketplace and offer unbeatable value to customers? Many MSSPs are turning to advanced threat detection and response technologies like Taegis XDR to help customers reduce risk and increase efficiency. This is why Secureworks started a partner program for MSSPs that want to offer the latest security expertise and technology to their customers.

The Need for Advanced Threat Detection and Response

Businesses face many security challenges which MSSPs are working to address. Many customers of MSSPs are rapidly transforming their operations, which can increase exposure to risk. At the same time, the sheer volume and sophistication of threats continues to grow. In this market, it benefits MSSPS to remember that over 80% of organizations are increasing their budgets on threat detection and response technologies.1 This increase in spend represents a great opportunity for managed security services providers, if they can rise to the opportunity. The good news is that organizations are looking to partner to handle securit ..