Most Inspiring Women in Cyber 2021: Rea James, Global Cyber Strategic Threat Intelligence Lead at Vodafone

The IT Security Guru’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards aims to shed a light on the remarkable women in our industry. The following is a feature on just one of the many phenomenal women put forward for the 2021 awards. Presented in a Q&A format, the nominee’s answers are written in their own words with minor edits made by the editor for readability.

This year, the awards are sponsored by KPMG and Beazley.

Rea James, Global Cyber Strategic Threat Intelligence Lead at Vodafone

What does your job role entail? 

Working in Threat Intelligence teams to:

Aid in improving maturity and encourage innovation
Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders
Identification, contextualization and analysis of threats, exploits and vulnerabilities that pose a threat to organisations
Providing threat intelligence analysis and reporting to aid in technical and non-technical stakeholders at all levels and areas
Providing coaching and development for those starting their cyber careers

How did you get into the cybersecurity industry?

I originally got into the cybersecurity industry whilst I served in the Royal Navy and was taught cyber security during my training course; although, I had already demonstrated a keen interest in the sector as a hobby. Shortly after my course, I fell sick and refused to feel sorry for myself so I took a degree in Intelligence and Security whilst serving. I completed my degree between work and surgeries and was working in Cyber Security until I was discharged. Between my Navy experience, degree and my general love for computing, I landed my first civilian role in the industry in 2017.

What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced as a ..

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