Back to School: Tech Savvy vs. Cyber Savvy

The first day of school is right around the corner. The whole family is gearing up for a return to the routine: waking up to alarm clocks at dawn, rushed mornings, learning all day, and after-school activities and homework all night. 

Even though everyone is in a frenzied state, now is a great time to slow down and discuss important topics that may arise during the school year. Parents and guardians know their children are tech savvy, just by looking at their thumbs fly across keyboards; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re cyber-savvy. 

To make sure we’re all on the same page, here are our definitions of tech savvy and cyber savvy: 

Tech savvy. Digital natives (millennials, Gen Z, and now Generation Alpha) often develop their tech savviness at a young age. For example, using touchscreens, sending electronic correspondences, and troubleshooting simple technical inconveniences and glitches are like second nature because they’ve been practicing it for so long, and often every day. 
Cyber savvy. Cyber savviness extends beyond knowing how to use connected devices. It means knowing how to use them safely and how to intelligently dodge online hazards, know the best ways to protect devices from cybercriminals, how to guard online information, and how to spot the signs that a device or information may be compromised. 

According to McAfee research, children cited that their parents are best suited to teach them about being safe online when compared to their teachers and online resources. Here are common scenarios your child, tween, or teen will likely encoun ..

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