Accenture to Create 3000 Tech and Cyber Jobs in the UK

Accenture to Create 3000 Tech and Cyber Jobs in the UK

Accenture has unveiled plans to create 3000 new tech roles in the UK over the next three years. Many of these will be related to information security, with the consulting firm confirming that the new jobs are being driven by increased demand for services in platforms, cloud engineering, cybersecurity, data and intelligent operations.

It is hoped that Accenture’s announcement will encourage more people to enter the cybersecurity sector and help close the cyber skills gap, which has risen by more than a third in the past 12 months in the UK, according to a recent study. Commenting on the news, John Fokker, head of cyber investigations for McAfee Enterprise's Advanced Threat Research team, said: “It’s promising to see Accenture’s initiative to create thousands of new cybersecurity roles over the next three years. Not only will this help to raise awareness of the skills needed to succeed in a cybersecurity role, it will also help the industry take a step towards closing the cybersecurity skills gap. This will be particularly important in bolstering security teams when things get busy, with our research telling us that 75% of organizations struggle to maintain a fully staffed security team during peak periods.

“As well as creating new jobs, we can strive to close the skills gap by encouraging those interested in IT or cybersecurity as early as possible and provide a school pathway into the industry."

The new positions will add to Accenture’s cu ..

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