Your Pocket Guide for Cloud SIEM Evaluation

Your Pocket Guide for Cloud SIEM Evaluation

SaaS-based applications have quickly become the norm in today’s modern business ecosystem. Undeniable savings, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability are fueling the nearly 20% year-over-year growth of the $85.1 billion SaaS market—with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

While productivity and marketing automation tools were early to the SaaS adoption wave, cloud-based software now spans all markets, including security. Modern security teams are looking at cloud-based security tools because of their flexibility and scalability, pre-built integrations, data analytics, real-time threat detection, ease of management, and cost savings. For those reasons, more and more security professionals are adopting cloud security information and event management (SIEM) to optimize their threat detection and response].

As it would be for any software evaluation, there are a number of considerations buyers will need to assess for a SaaS-based security platform. Cloud SIEM customers should understand where their data lives, how it is collected, and how it is protected. Our Rapid7 team recently sat down to review Gartner’s recommended questions for evaluating cloud SIEM vendors, based on our InsightIDR cloud SIEM tool. In this post, we’ll quickly review five of those critical questions to help kick-start your cloud SIEM evaluation.

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1. Where is the cloud SIEM solution delivered from? Where is my data stored?

Rapid7 Insight cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
InsightIDR is a multi-tenant application; all customer data is ..

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