World’s most dangerous laptop has been sold for $1.3 million

World’s most dangerous laptop has been sold for $1.3 million

The laptop is a Samsung model now known as ‘Persistence of Chaos’ due to dangerous malware infection.

A few days ago it was reported that a laptop (2008 Samsung 10.2-inch – NC10-14GB netbook) infected with some of the more dangerous malware was up for sale and the highest bid received at that time was $1.1 million. Now, it is being reported that the laptop has been sold for $1.35 million – It is yet unclear who bought the laptop.

The auction was organized by Guo O Dong, a Chinese artist along with Deep Instinct, a cyber-security firm in New York. Dubbed ‘Persistence of Chaos’ by organizers; the laptop is infected with six of the most dangerous malware strains known for creating havoc around the world. According to Dong, the list of malware includes:

SoBig email virusILoveYou malwareMyDoom email wormDarkTequila keyloggerBlackEnergy 2 malwareWannaCry ransomware

It is worth mentioning that the collective damages of these viral strains total around £95 billion while all of these viruses are capable of stealing financial data and can ..

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