Why Does My Phone Get Hot? Tips for Preventing Overheating

Why Does My Phone Get Hot? Tips for Preventing Overheating

All technology is prone to the occasional malfunction, your smartphone included. If your phone feels exceptionally hot and you’re wondering why it is overheating, there are several possible causes to consider.

An overheated phone might seem alarming, but it usually isn’t cause for concern. It’s a fairly simple issue to resolve with a few easy steps. Read on to learn some of the most common reasons your phone gets hot, how to troubleshoot an overheated phone, and how to prevent overheating in the first place.

Why Do Phones Get Hot?

Various factors might cause a phone to get hot. Understanding the different causes for an overheated phone—like the temperature outside or your phone’s battery—can help you fix the problem and prevent it in the future.

Warm Environment or Direct Sunlight

If you’ve ever left your phone out on a sunny day, you’ve likely already witnessed how quickly the sun’s UV rays can cause it to overheat. Direct sunlight is a common culprit of an overheated phone—so cover your phone from the sun while you’re outdoors.

Aside from prolonged, direct contact with the sun, your phone might also overheat after sitting in a warm environment for long periods of time, such as in your car on a hot summer day.

Overloading the Processor

While smartphones are basically just miniature computers, a key difference between the two is that while computers have internal fans to keep things cool while they run, phones do not. While smartphones are great at diffusing heat for everyday use, there’s a limit to what they can handle. If you have too much running on your phone at once, it can overload ..