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The unexpected growth of online systems and corresponding higher traffic levels have led to an unprecedented increase in malicious network activity. Moreover, with face-to-face discussions transitioning to VoIP environments and an increasing volume of information being forced onto network channels, the available network attack surface has grown notably since the start of 2020.

Ironically, the same machine learning technologies that are improving cybersecurity systems are attacking those same systems. Venerable security protocols and practices, some dating back decades, are unprepared for imaginative new approaches to exfiltration, phishing, identity theft, network incursion, and password cracking. Since so many off-the-shelf solutions are outdated, this turbulent period is better addressed by AI consultants.

In this article, we’ll explore why artificial intelligence is the best security technology using the example of the two most common attack types.

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Why Use AI in Cybersecurity? 

Machine learning systems can detect behavioral patterns from vast amounts of historical data across a range of applications and processes in the cybersecurity sector. Unfortunately, the data can be difficult to obtain, outdated by the time it is processed, or so specific to certain cybersecurity scenarios that it becomes overfitted.

For this reason, there is little prospect of a ”set-and-forget” solution to an ever-evolving threat landscape in which a rarely changing, installed solution simply updates definitions periodically from a remote source. Those days are over. Now, new threats may come from completely unexpected channels, like a telephone call to a VoIP chat or even be embedded into machine learning systems themselves.

This new reality makes clear the need for proactive systems designed and maintained by specialists in cybersecurity consulting or the will and resources to establish protection systems ..

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