What CIOs and CISOs learned from managing recent cyber attacks

What CIOs and CISOs learned from managing recent cyber attacks
Michael J. Sher, founder of Groupdolists, discusses what CIOs and CISOs have learned from managing recent cyber attacks

CIOs and CISOs have had to adapt to rising levels of cyber attacks.

Enterprises around the world are deluged by a flood of unprecedented cyber security threats – up 600% in 2020. As a result, the roles of both chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) are expanding and changing.

One significant change they are experiencing as a direct result of the cyber attack onslaught is their increased need to collaborate and coordinate their response. As David Mahon, CISO of Deloitte Global, writes, “…a data breach is not just a cyber security issue – it’s a corporate crisis issue and should be treated as such.”

Though CIOs and CISOs operate from different viewpoints, they share overlapping goals. They may have different teams, different places on an org chart. They may even have different bosses. Yet, come a cyber attack, CIOs and CISOs must operate in lockstep to manage a response successfully and avert an even bigger crisis.

Adding to their challenges, few of their organizations are equipped with purpose-built technology that help manage effective and efficient responses to cyberattacks and ensure cyber resiliency.

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