Washington Overhauls its Data Breach Notification Law

Washington Overhauls its Data Breach Notification Law

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

As we noted last month, Washington’s efforts to follow California’s lead in passing its own GDPR-like law have stalled after the bill failed to make its way through state’s House of Representatives—despite overwhelming approval in the Senate (where it passed 46-1).  That bill’s sponsor has promised to revisit the issue during the 2020 legislative session.

Despite this roadblock on the consumer privacy front, Washington governor Jay Inslee signed a bill on May 7 (HB 1071) significantly expanding the state’s data breach notification law, RCW 19.255.01, et seq.  There was little doubt that Governor Inslee would sign the bill into law, as it passed unanimously in both state legislative bodies.

Below is a summary of major changes to the state’s data breach notification law, and key takeaways for employers subject to Washington law.  For a detailed explanation of the law’s new provisions—which will become effective March 1, 2020—please refer to this post.

Deadline to provide notice of breach shortened to thirty (30) days following discovery.

Under the current law (and until HB 1071’s amendments become effective on March 1, 2020), notice of a br ..

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