Vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel could lead to arbitrary code execution

Cisco Talos’ Vulnerability Research team recently worked with Adobe and Microsoft to patch multiple vulnerabilities in the Acrobat and Excel software, respectively, that could lead to arbitrary code execution. 

Talos also disclosed six vulnerabilities in the Weston Embedded µC-HTTP HTTP server implementation, some of which could also lead to code execution. 

For Snort coverage that can detect the exploitation of these vulnerabilities, download the latest rule sets from, and our latest Vulnerability Advisories are always posted on Talos Intelligence’s website.  

Adobe Acrobat Reader use-after-free vulnerabilities 

Discovered by Jaewon Min and Aleksandar Nikolic of Cisco Talos. 

Adobe recently patched two use-after-free vulnerabilities in its Acrobat PDF reader that Talos discovered, both of which could lead to arbitrary code execution. Acrobat is one of the most popular PDF readers currently available, especially in the U.S., and many browsers utilize an Acrobat plugin. This means an attacker could trick a user into opening a specially crafted, malicious file in the browser as a file or tricking them into opening it in the desktop application. 

a TALOS-2023-1794 (CVE-2023-44336) exists in the Thermometer JavaScript object in Acrobat Reader. An attacker who exploits this vulnerability could use specially crafted JavaScript code to cause a use-after-free vulnerability, which can lead to memory corruption and arbitrary code execution. 

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