Video recap: CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 - ‘Event of the Year’

Video recap: CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 - ‘Event of the Year’
Malea Lamb-Hall, 28 May 2020

CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 brought the AI and cybersecurity community together in what the AI Awards recognized as the ‘Event of the Year’.

Over 300 attendees from 19 different countries came to see the best minds in AI and cybersecurity — from both academia and industry — answer the question: “How can AI help us live free, safe, and secure lives?”
Speakers included leading academics and professionals from institutions around the world such as the University of Cagliari (Italy), EPFL (Switzerland), University of Toronto and Vector Institute (Canada), Stanford University, University of Berkeley, University of Michigan, New York University (USA), and Neuron Soundware. 
Topics covered ranged from the dangers of election hacking to the complex and critical area of machines programmed with malicious intent in adversarial AI. 
CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 recap: see who and what captured the attention of the cybersecurity and AI community at last year’s conference.

Avast’s own CTO, Michal Pěchouček, who opened last year’s event, said: “To win this award in our first year really shows the quality of the speaker lineup that we put together”.  
Beyond the speakers at CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 making it such a hit, Pěchouček also said the response to the conference was “hugely encouraging and to win this award is further confirmation that there is a real need being served by bringing together the AI and cybersecurity community in this way.” 
What’s happening in 2020?
Looking forward to this year’s event, CyberSec&AI Connected 2020 will take place in four major cities around the world, as well as being streamed live online.
On October 8th, from Prague, London, San Francisco, and New York, speakers such as Roger Dingledine (Director, Research ..