USDA Wants Feedback from 2 Million Customers

USDA Wants Feedback from 2 Million Customers

The Agriculture Department aims to hear from more than 2 million people through a robust information collection initiative to gain data on customer experience and provide insights that are applicable across the government, according to a request for comment set to be published in the federal register Monday.

“Whether seeking a loan, Social Security benefits, veterans’ benefits, or other services provided by the federal government, individuals and businesses expect government customer services to be efficient and intuitive, just like services from leading private-sector organizations,” the agency notes in the solicitation. 

A variety of reports suggest the public sector lags behind its private counterparts when it comes to boosting the public’s relationship with the experience and services it provides. As it notes, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index from 2016 and Forrester Federal Customer Experience Index from the following year suggests government services trail nine percentage points behind industry in the areas of consumer experiences. 

Agriculture has already embraced a customer-focused—or as it deems it, “farmer first”—approach in meeting its mission. As the agency notes in the document, providing “a modern, streamlined and responsive customer experience” has become “a focal point for agency leadership.” Essentially, it said it aims to raise government experience to that which the private sector provides, create indicators that will enable it to monitor its progress along the way and improve the resources and structure it offers to enable its insiders in their efforts. 

The Office of Management and Budget launched a circular to establish governmentwide standards and measurement for improving consumers’ experiences, which indicates ..