US Charges Members of GozNym Cybercrime Gang

US Charges Members of GozNym Cybercrime Gang
The FBI and counterparts from other nations say group infected over 41,000 computers with malware that steals banking credentials.

US law enforcement authorities and their counterparts from five other countries have announced charges against 10 members of an international cybercrime operation that attempted to steal an estimated $100 million from organizations in the US and elsewhere in 2016.

An indictment unsealed Thursday by the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania accused the individuals of committing bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, in an operation of a sophisticated, international cybercrime network called GozNym.

Five of the indicted individuals are based in Russia and remain fugitives from justice, the US Department of Justice announced Thursday. The other individuals are based in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bulgaria and face prosecutions in their respective countries.

A eleventh individual, Krasimir Nikolov, aka pablopicasso, was arrested in Bulgaria and extradited to the US in December 2016 on related charges. He has since pleaded guilty to participating in the GozNym operation. Nikolov is scheduled for sentencing in Pittsburgh federal court August 30, 2019, the DOJ said.

"The collaborative and simultaneous prosecution of the members of the GozNym criminal conspiracy in four countries represents a paradigm shift in how we investigate and prosecute cybercrime," US Attorney Scott Brady of the Western District of Pennsylvania said. "This prosecution represents an international cooperative effort to bring cybercriminals to justice."

According to the indictment, the eleven individuals belonged to a gang that stole money from the bank accounts of businesses located mostly in the United States and Europe.

The group is alleged to have infected tens of thousands of computers with GozNym, a malware for stealing online banking credentials from ..

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