Update on the BLUFFS Bluetooth Vulnerability

Update on the BLUFFS Bluetooth Vulnerability

As we first reported in yesterday’s weekly security post, researchers at EURECOM have revealed the details (PDF, references) of a new man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack on Bluetooth 4.2 through 5.4, which has been assigned CVE-2023-24023. Like preceding CVEs, it concerns the session authentication between Bluetooth devices, where the attacker uses spoofed paired or bonded devices to force the use of a much shorter encryption key length.

The name of this newly discovered vulnerability is BLUFFS (Bluetooth Forward and Future Secrecy), where forward and future secrecy are important terms that refer to the protection of secure sessions against compromise in the past (forward, FoS) and future (FuS). The CVE presentation notes that the Bluetooth specification does not cover either FuS or FoS. In total two new architectural vulnerabilities were discovered, both of which attack the security key.

The Bluetooth SIG has released a statement regarding this attack method. Although serious, it would seem that the core issue is that some implementations allow for encryption key lengths below 7 octets:

Although the researchers note potential fixes and mitigations, these would ne ..

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