TRON (TRX) network now supported on Crypto APIs blockchain dev suite

Crypto APIs, a blockchain development platform, today announced support for TRON in the Crypto APIs blockchain infrastructure product suite. Users can now interact with the TRON mainnet and Nile networks and make requests using Crypto APIs unified endpoints with an average response time of 25ms.

Now Supported: TRON

Launching its mainnet in May 2018, TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform, that features high performance, safety, and low costs. The TRON network has thousands of ready developers to create, deploy, and run dApps on its blockchain.

The TRON ecosystem supports a wide variety of decentralized applications including DeFi apps, exchanges, collectibles, and games.

“To address the growing demand for operating and building on TRON, we have incorporated it in se ..

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