TRON Total Number Of Accounts Hit Nearly 120 Million, Weekly Report Shows 

TRON, the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain network bearing the same name, continues to struggle as it fails to break free from its bearish momentum. According to tracking from Coingecko, the 16th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization is trading at $0.050 at the time of this writing. For the past seven days, the altcoin has dropped by almost 10% while over the last two weeks its value has declined by 20.2%. On a month-to-date gauge, the digital asset has dumped 17.8% of its spot trading price, painting its entire chart in crimson. However, while TRON remains unsuccessful in initiating a bullish run to reclaim higher trading session prices, its network is performing relatively well as the protocol was able to post impressive numbers last week. Related Reading: Bitcoin Cash On Downward Motion Since Breaching $105 Level – Here’s Why TRON Network Activity Remains Upbeat Amid FTX Crisis TRON DAO, the official Twitter account of the blockchain network shared some of the highlights of the protocol’s performance for the period of November 7 to November 13. At the conclusion of the sp ..

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