Tips for transitioning from teaching to cybersecurity

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In this video, we address a question from Malachi Music, a music teacher looking to transition into the field of cybersecurity, particularly pen testing. Malachi is already using our CompTIA Security Plus guide and wants to know what else is required to become a qualified applicant for hire in this field.

When it comes to pen testing, one of the biggest challenges is the limited availability of entry-level positions. To become hireable as a pen tester, it's crucial to gain practical experience in pen testing. This can be accomplished through participating in capture-the-flag competitions, working as an intern in a cybersecurity role, or engaging in bug bounties where you can earn money by discovering vulnerabilities. However, it's important to note that these avenues require advanced skills in areas such as programming and hacking.

To increase your chances of entering the field, you may want to consider starting with a defensive cybersecurity role, such as a cybersecurity analyst, before transitioning into pen testing. By gaining experience in a defensive position, you can develop a solid foundation and understanding of security concepts. This approach allows you to enter the industry faster and then transition into the more specialized and demanding field of pen testing.

It's worth noting that cybersecurity analysts and pen testers are equally important in the hierarchy of cybersecurity roles, but there tend to be more job opportunities for cybersecurity analysts compared to pen testers. Taking this route allows you to leverage the greater availability of cybersecurity analyst positions while building your skills and experience to eventually transition into pen testing.

While studying for your Security Plus certification, you will be introduced to various tools like Nmap and Metasploit. It is highly recommended to practice and become familiar with these tools as they are commonly used in the field. Additionally, consider pursuing certifications like Certified Security Analyst (CSA) or PenTest+ to further enhance your skills and demonstrate your expertise in offensive security.

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