Tiny Signal Generator Revealed

Tiny Signal Generator Revealed

There was a time when test equipment was big and heavy. Those days are gone, and [Kiss Analog] shows us the inside of a Uni-T UTG962E arbitrary waveform generator. The device is truly tiny. You might think this is due to the dense packing of the circuit board. However, one board is packed but the other board seems to have a high degree of integration on one IC. You can check out the video below.

The main processor is some sort of ARM — we think an STM32F-series part. The markings were hard to make out under the microscope.

Even for a piece of modern gear, relays are hard to beat for electrically switching things accurately and with low noise. The boards have some fancy traces to control impedance or propagation delay. There wasn’t much analysis of the internals, but it was still interesting to see inside. If you want to see more of the box in action, he’s got a few earlier videos that feature the device.

An arbitrary waveform generator is not hard to make, but it is difficult to build one with good performance over a wide range of circumstances. We’ve done a cheap version. We aren’t the only ones.

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