Threats to ICS and industrial enterprises in 2022

Threats to ICS and industrial enterprises in 2022

Continuing trends

In recent years, we have observed various trends in the changing threat landscape for industrial enterprises, most of which have been evolving for some time. We can say with high confidence that many of these trends will not only continue, but gain new traction in the coming year.

Further evolution of cyberthreats as a response to infosec tools and measures

Improved corporate cybersecurity and the introduction of ever more tools and protection measures are causing cyberthreats to evolve. Here are some of the evolution areas worth paying attention to:

Reduced number of targets per individual attack

Individual attacks as part of cybercriminal campaigns are already targeting ever fewer victims. For instance, we see a new trend emerging in the criminal ecosystem of spyware-based authentication data theft, with each individual attack being directed at a very small number of targets (from single digits to several dozen). The trend is snowballing so rapidly that in some regions of the world up to 20% of all ICS computers on which we block spyware are attacked using this tactic. Such attacks are likely to comprise an even larger portion of the threat landscape next year. And the tactic is likely to spread to other types of threats as well.

Reducing the life cycle of malware

To avoid detection, more and more cybercriminals are adopting the strategy of frequently upgrading malware in their chosen family. They use malware at its peak effectiveness to break through the defenses of security solutions, and then switch to a new build as soon as the current one becomes readily detectable. For some types of threats (for example, spyware again), the lifetime of each build is shortening, and in many cases does ..

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