The malware, attacker trends and more that shaped the threat landscape in 2023

The 2023 Cisco Talos Year in Review is now available to download. 

Once again, the Talos team has meticulously combed through a massive amount of data to analyze the major trends that have shaped the threat landscape in 2023. Global conflict influenced a lot of these trends, altering the tactics and approaches of many threat actors. In operations ranging from espionage to cybercrime, we’ve seen geopolitical events have a significant impact on the way these are carried out.

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At the beginning of the Year in Review is a “Top Trends” section comprised of regional trends over time and the influence of geopolitical events, the CVEs attackers exploited most often, spam tactics, and the top MITRE ATT&CK techniques that have been used within attacks.  The report then deep dives on four topics:  

The evolution of ransomware and extortion. The concerning rate of attacks against network infrastructure devices. The activities of advanced persistent threat (APT) actors in China, Russia, and the Middle East. This section also includes the major threats our Ukraine Task Unit dealt with this year. The shifting activities and impact of commodity loaders. 

Cisco’s global presence and Talos’ world-class expertise provided a massive amount of data to research — endpoint detections, incident response engagements, network traffic, email corpus, sandboxes, honeypots and much more. Thankfully, our teammates include subject matter experts from all ends of the cybersecurity space to help us turn this intelligence into actionable information for defenders and use ..

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