The Danger in Assange’s Charges, a Memory Experiment, and More News

The Danger in Assange’s Charges, a Memory Experiment, and More News

New charges against Julian Assange threaten all of the press, scientists have figured out how to alter emotional memories, and Memorial Day is coming. Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

Today's Headlines

Julian Assange's charges put all of the press at risk

New charges unveiled by the Justice Department against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange paint a troublesome picture for him—and for all journalists. The charges claim Assange was in violation of the Espionage Act when he published classified information, but that charge has never been successfully applied to a leak before. No matter how you feel about Assange, it's important to note: If the DOJ can bring that charge against him, it can bring it against anyone.

Scientists have found a volume knob for emotional memories

Through extensive testing on mice, scientists believe they have figured out the makeup of emotional memories. This discovery could lead to the capability of manipulating memories in humans: Anything from enhancing your memory of eating your favorite food, to suppressing the trauma of an event from your past.

Cocktail Conversation

Space ventures have been about politics and power since before humans ever set foot in the great beyond. But a new US Department of Defense agency, the Space Development Agency, will now define what the next steps will be for our military presence there. The question is: Do we really need a separate department for th ..

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