The Biggest Cyber-attacks of 2016

The Biggest Cyber-attacks of 2016

The worst cyber attacks of this year.

Cyber threats have been around all year. It’s actually really hard to compile a list of the top 3 cyber-attacks as evaluating the damage caused by a single cyber thread is nearly impossible. However we have been monitoring the cyber space for the past year so we made it possible to highlight some of the really bad ones.

The US election and how the hackers decided the winner of the US presidential elections

With complete respect towards democracy and people’s choices, it is not a secret thay hackers managed to get to many of the emails sent from and to one of the presidential candidates and members of her team. Yes, Hillary Clinton was under fire because emails of hers and her staff members ended up in the wrong hands.

Of course the authenticity of the emails was never officially confirmed but those emails cast a big shadow on her campaign. According to many, fake news generators mixed with ‘food for thought’ type of email leaks ended up deciding the results of the US presidential election.

We are never going to know if state hackers were behind the attacks or simply groups such as Anonymous and WikiLeaks. Who knows, maybe they wanted to get back at the Democratic Party for Obama’s actions during the Edward Snowden and Julian Assange cases. I guess we will never know…

Yahoo data breach

Earlier this year Yahoo admitted to more than 500 million user accounts being stolen from them back in 2013. Yes, it is true – your username and password might have been on sale in databases offered on the Dark Web for the past few years. When this was officially announced biggest cyber attacks