Teardown: Go Warmer USB Rechargeable Hand Heater

Teardown: Go Warmer USB Rechargeable Hand Heater

Under normal circumstances, if an electronic gadget in your pocket suddenly became hot to the touch, it would be cause for alarm. But not so with the Go Warmer. This lozenge shaped device is not only a USB power bank that can keep your mobile devices topped up, but is also doubles as a miniature heater that the manufacturer claims can bring its surface temperature up to 48 °C (120 °F) for several hours. You can hold in in your hand, put it in your pocket, maybe even sit on it if you’re particularly daring. The possibilities are endless, at least until the 4,000 mAh battery runs down.

For $14.99 USD, the Go Warmer certainly isn’t much of a deal when compared to other battery packs. Even if it does come with a swanky velveteen carrying pouch. But is it a good deal for one that can heat itself up without exploding? Let’s crack this metallic egg and find out.

Under the Skin

Since the whole point of this device is for it to get warm to the touch, I was glad to see they had the presence of mind to clad the Go Warmer with metal. But make no mistake, at just 0.5 mm thick, the two-part metallic outer shell isn’t structural. In fact, I’m sorry to say that there’s really no way to get inside the unit without doing unsightly damage to the easily bent plates and breaking off a few of the locking tabs.

With the case open, we can see the first of the heating pads.

Unfortunately, things don’t get much easier once you have the metal panels off. The red injection molded plastic f ..