TeamViewer was Targeted by Chinese Hackers in 2016

TeamViewer was Targeted by Chinese Hackers in 2016

TeamViewer has only confirmed now that Chinese state-sponsored hackers targeted the company in 2016.

The Germany-based company behind the world-famous remote desktop software TeamViewer has confirmed that in 2016 TeamViewer software was compromised.

The confirmation comes right after the report published by Der Speigel, a German newspaper, regarding a successful cyber attack on TeamViewer.

While communicating with Der Spiegel via email, TeamViewer’s spokesperson stated that most likely the attack was launched by Chinese state-sponsored cybercriminals.

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“In autumn 2016, TeamViewer was the target of a cyber-attack. Our systems detected the suspicious activities in time to prevent any major damage,” TeamViewer’s spokesperson said.

The company, however, didn’t disclose the attack back in 2016. It is alleged that Chinese hackers used the Winnti backdoor to compromise the software.

TeamViewer’s spokesperson told Der Spiegel that the cyber attack was identified timely and the threat actors couldn’t do much damage. Moreover, there is a consensus among experts, investigators, and the company that there wasn’t any evidence found of data theft and the attackers also couldn’t compromise or steal the source code of the software despite being able to access it.

“An expert team of internal and external cyber security researchers, working together closely with the responsible authorities, successfully fended off the attack and with all available means of IT forensics found no evidence that customer data or other sensitive informatio ..

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