Support The Unsung Heroes Of The Cybersecurity Industry.

If you’ve loved working in cybersecurity and want to give back you can do so by supporting the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards. The Awards have been set up to reward all those great women and men who work tirelessly behind the scenes, day in – day out to protect us from cyber-attacks but rarely get any kind of recognition. At last you can nominate these folks and it doesn’t cost anything – but hold on until the 1st June until the nominations are open. We’re asking everyone to start thinking about your colleagues, friends, customers and suppliers who go above and beyond, but never say a word about it.

Secondly, we’re looking for sponsors – it won’t cost much, just enough to pay for the drinks behind the bar. The unique thing about this event is that it’s all free; free to attend and free to enter as our amazing sponsors allow us to make it so! Everyone is welcome in what has traditionally become a “piss up in a brewery”! It’s one of the best networking events of the year, too. There are a dozen categories you can sponsor – it could be best CISO; outstanding lecturer or educator, a smart compliance officer or someone who has developed a brilliant awareness programme; and what about that inspirational mentor you know? We want to hear about them all!

This will be the fourth year that Eskenzi PR has organised this event and we’re digging deep to make it happen. We would love a few nice companies to come alongside us to make it go with a splash this October. If you fancy getting involved and spreading the word about what a great industry we work in, then please get in touch with yvonne@eskenzipr. ..

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