Strike a chord: What cybersecurity can learn from music - Help Net Security

Strike a chord: What cybersecurity can learn from music - Help Net Security

I recently watched my team composing some music for a cybersecurity awareness project and using it to take an immersive Dark Web Mission Control Centre to a whole new level. It got me thinking about what we – i.e., the cybersecurity industry – can learn from music.

Music is a massive part of popular culture and is universally loved across the globe. Conversely, cybersecurity is inapproachable and abstract to most people and is often seen as a blocker of productivity. People aren’t engaged with cybersecurity and this has led to a huge number of security incidents occurring as a result of human behavior. Most people have very little interest in learning about cybersecurity – awareness training is a chore, rather than a positive experience, and this is a huge part of the problem.

To make cybersecurity more engaging for laypeople, we could start by making it as memorable as music often.

Tell a different story

As we sat in our live composing session between London and New York and were being guided by the award-winning composer Michael Vignola, I started really listening to the sound and thinking about music and why it makes human beings feel the way they do when they listen to it.

Firstly, music makes use of storytelling. Music has been used to impart wisdom, remember lessons, pass on messages or say what you feel for millennia. As a species, we are drawn to music, and even music without lyrics can be used to elevate a story, create tension and suspense, build anticipation, and make something that is bland much more engaging.

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