Snapchat’s Internal Tool ‘SnapLion’ Is Abused By Employees To Spy On You

Snapchat’s Internal Tool ‘SnapLion’ Is Abused By Employees To Spy On You

The latest report from Motherboard is an important but unsurprising revelation. According to the report, Snapchat’s internal tool ‘SnapLion’ is often abused by employees to access users’ snaps without their permission. Snaps are photos that disappear after some time, however, Snapchat employees have access to these photos and regularly violate users’ privacy, the report added.

Snapchat Internal Tool ‘SnapLion’ Has Access To Sensitive Information

SnapLion, as an internal company tool, is mostly designed to protect Snapchat users. It is often used in cases of child abuse to find out the culprit. The tool is used to help law enforcement officers gather evidence for a restraining order. It is a tool designed to protect privacy, but it ends up getting abused.

The report also confirmed that the powerful SnapLion tool is used freely within the company. It is no longer limited to helping law enforcement as the employees also use it to reset passwords on hacked accounts.

Current employees spoke to Motherboard and confirmed that Snapchat has a department called “Customer Ops” that has access to SnapLion. The internal tool can be used to access a user’s phone number, snaps, locations, messages, and their metadata (to whom and when the message was sent).

According to the report, an anonymous employee confirmed that the abuse of Snapchat’s internal tool SnapLion had occurred “a few times.”

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