Site Promoting KeePass Password Manager Pushes Malware

This site is part of a larger network of sites distributing adware bundles as free programs. Last year, we reported that fake sites were created to promote popular software, but when we analyzed the distributed files, we found that they were pushing adware bundles on unsuspecting visitors. Adware is commonly spread through fake sites that pretend to distribute cracks, warez, and legitimate software, but when users download the programs they discover that the bundles are filled with "offers" that are installed as well. Download Links The first three links contain similar URLs and download adware bundles, while the fourth link for Linux goes to the legitimate site. MD5s of Offered Downloads Using links like this, adware purveyors can setup as many sites as they want to promote any product and simply change the download links so the downloads have different names. The adware bundle The distributed adware bundles are currently signed with a code signing certificate for a company named "In Profit Limited".

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