[Security Nation] Steve Micallef of SpiderFoot on Open-Source Intelligence

[Security Nation] Steve Micallef of SpiderFoot on Open-Source Intelligence

In this episode of Security Nation, Jen and Tod chat with Steve Micallef about SpiderFoot, the open-source intelligence tool of which he is the creator and founder. He tells us how the platform went from a passion project to a fully fledged open-source offering, with a SaaS option to boot, and how it can help security engineers automate tasks and focus on finding the major threats in their data.

Stick around for our Rapid Rundown, where Tod chats with producer Jesse about a new paper that reveals all is not as it seems with CVSS scores.

Steve Micallef

Steve Micallef is the author of SpiderFoot (www.spiderfoot.net), an open-source OSINT automation platform. You can follow him @binarypool on Twitter.

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Follow Steve on Twitter, and give the SpiderFoot official account a follow while you’re at it.Check out the SpiderFoot website and GitHub page, and learn more about the SaaS version, SpiderFoot HX.Learn about the latest SpiderFoot 4.0 release with YAML correlation rules.Read Steve’s blog, especially his posts on the 10 years developing SpiderFoot and the misuse of OSINT to claim election fraud.

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Read the full paper, “A Clos ..

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