Russian Propaganda Targets US Cyber Warfare - Communal News

Russian Propaganda Targets US Cyber Warfare - Communal News
  • Russia intends to close its internet space.

  • Belorussia will follow the same closure.

  • The complete closure expected to happen in the 2021.

  • The year is 1984, and Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev faceoff over nukes and the fate of the world…

    The year is 2019, and what is old is new again.

    The US strategic programs utilized during the Soviet era and the Cold War are making a huge comeback. An example would be QRHELPFUL, the program used by the CIA to install a western style of governance in Poland. A new Russian law taking effect in November 2019, is meant to further isolate western sources via the Russian internet. The law’s supporters are targeting Russian citizens with fear mongering and claiming the US is going on the offensive. When in reality the US is securing counter measures due to Russian information warfare attacks on the West.

    To understand Russia and its mentality, the best read to this day remains is The Marquis De Custine and his Russia in 1839. An overview is available here. His journals give the best possible explanation to understanding Russia and has repeatedly been revived over the last 200 years.

    It is important for the United State to understand the Russian mentality in order to successfully utilize cyber warfare countermeasures. The colossal issue is Putin’s desire to close off Russian cyberspace period by 2021. It will be completely closed off in the same way China’s Great Firewall blocks everything outside of that country. November, 2019 is just one step in the complete closure of the Russ ..

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