Researchers Discover Malware that Scans the Internet for Vulnerabilities

Its aim is to locate portals that contain vulnerabilities, or those that store default passwords that can easily be exploited. The aim of Xwo is to obtain the credentials of as many people as possible, meaning that large portals and online companies will always be among its targets. 1.- Secure passwords Companies must be sure not to keep the default passwords that are used on many internal servers, and to employ instead different, more complex passwords. No company can risk discovering a cyberattack or vulnerability when it is already too late. All companies have strategic servers on which they store all kinds of sensitive information that they need for their system to work. This way they can proactively protect their corporate cybersecurity, stopping all kinds of malware like Xwo from exploiting their unprotected credentials and services in order to sow chaos on the company’s IT systems.

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