Remote Employees: Update Your Routers (and More WFH IT Tips)

As a business owner or manager, you must ensure your employees have the right tools and resources to do their jobs well — especially with more people working from home. And IT infrastructure is one of the most important considerations regarding remote work.

However, the truth is that most employees don’t think about their IT infrastructure until something goes wrong. In many cases, this can leave an employee stranded and unable to complete their tasks. In a worst-case scenario, this reactionary attitude can potentially put the company’s data at risk.

That’s why it’s important to remind your employees of the basics regarding their IT infrastructure and create protocols or policies to ensure that everyone’s security is up to date. This includes ensuring that employees’ routers are updated with the latest firmware and security settings, along with any other security measures needed to protect the company’s network.

Educating Employees About Their Networking Hardware

Updating router firmware is a great way for employees to ensure they have consistent, secure access to their work-from-home setup. Not only does it help provide a better performance, but it can also help mitigate potential security risks. When employees know how to apply the latest software and patches, they can keep their information safe and maintain their remote connections without relying on IT support.

Furthermore, many users don’t even consider updating WiFi routers because most other computer devices update themselves automatically. As such, this knowledge helps employees get the best connection possible no matter where they’re working from.

Remote IT for Work-from-Home Employees: Benefits and Limitations

Remote IT offers support and assistance to employees no matter where they are located. It eliminates the hassle of providing in-person ..

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