Rapid7 Threat Command Delivered 311% ROI: 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study

Rapid7 Threat Command Delivered 311% ROI: 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study

Volume up (and not in a good way)

Security teams must continuously contort their efforts to effectively respond to the growing volume of cyberthreats. These constantly shifting methods in the security operations center (SOC) can be difficult to manage in the face of emerging external threats—it can be like keeping multiple spinning plates in the air at once.

“63% of organizations globally were breached in 2021, and security decision-makers were more concerned about external attacks than any other attack vector,” according to the new Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Rapid7—The Total Economic Impact(™) of Rapid7 Threat Command For Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence (hereafter referred to as “the study”).

As the world continues to lean into the convenience of the digital age, cyberthreats continue to rise. Greater visibility is needed. Accurate automation is needed. And enhancements to every organization's overall security posture are most certainly needed to stay secure in the global economy.

Intelligence when you need it

The more contextualized alerts and insight you can gain on a potential threat, the better positioned you'll be to mitigate the threat before it can have a tangible impact on the business. Threat Command from Rapid7 was specifically built to help security organizations gain clarity about external threats. Can it see around corners? Almost.

Threat Command produced an ROI of more than 300%! The characteristics of the composite organization used for this calculation were based on real-life customer interviews Forrester conducted within their Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework. This representative organization is described as a $5.7 billion global enterprise consisting of 7,500 employees and headquartered in North America. The study concluded that this business ..

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