Rapid7 Integration For AWS Verified Access

Rapid7 Integration For AWS Verified Access

Today at re:invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled its new AWS Verified Access service, and we are thrilled to announce that InsightIDR — Rapid7’s next-gen SIEM and XDR — will support log ingestion from this new service when it is made generally available.

What Is AWS Verified Access?

AWS Verified Access is a new service that allows AWS customers to simplify secure access to private applications running on AWS, without requiring the use of a VPN. Verified Access also lets customers easily implement Zero Trust policies for each application reached via the service. The data needed for these policies is provided by integrations between Verified Access and third-party solutions like IdPs and device management tools. For example:

Access to a low-risk application might be granted to any employee who is logged into the organization’s IdP solutionAccess to a highly sensitive application might only be granted to employees who are logged into the organization’s IdP solution, are part of a specific team at the company, are accessing from a company-managed computer that is fully updated, and have an IP address coming from a country on an allowlist

For customers who already have IdP and device management solutions, Verified Access can integrate with many of these vendors, allowing the customer to use their existing provider to define policies while still getting the convenience of VPN-less access to their private applications through Verified Access.

Unlock a Complete Picture of Your Cloud Security with InsightIDR

Verified Access generates detailed logs for every authorization attempt. InsightIDR will be able to ingest these logs from AWS’s just-announced Amazon Security Lake. InsightIDR customers will be able to see ingress activity from Verified Access alongside ingress events from sources like AWS Identity Access Management (IAM), VPNs, ..

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