Putting the ‘S’ in IoT: How to Make Internet of Things Solutions Secure by Design

You’ve just been hired as an architect in an up-and-coming startup. The company has the most brilliant and innovative idea for a smart device that will make you all rich. Your job description is very interesting, and your first mission is to ensure that what the company builds is secure.

First of all, congratulations are in order: Just by thinking about security, your company is already miles ahead of everyone else in the internet of things (IoT) space. As the joke goes, the “S” in IoT stands for “security.”

Why would the IoT be a special case? What’s different about it from any other project? Pick a secure development life cycle (SDLC) framework, shift your security left as much as you can and surely the result will be secure by design, right?

Unfortunately, IoT is a very special case indeed, and the evidence can be seen almost every day in the news. What makes it so special, and how can companies produce secure internet of things solutions on top of all the other security best practices they need to juggle?


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