Powerful, Complete Protection For Small Businesses | Avast

Powerful, Complete Protection For Small Businesses | Avast
Katherine Little, 27 July 2020

All-in-one protection for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and home offices

We are pleased to announce the launch of Avast Business Small Office Protection, a solution for small businesses that provides robust, real-time cyber protection that’s easy to install and cost-effective. Securing up to 10 business devices, the product is ideal for entrepreneurs and home offices. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are increasingly aware of the risks of cyberattacks, with 43% of cybercrimes perpetrated against small businesses. However, budget, time, and IT expertise constraints often prevent them from investing in business-ready cybersecurity.
Small Office Protection by Avast Business is an all-in-one security solution for small businesses that protects all types of devices, protecting a maximum of 10 separate devices on any platform. Avast Business Small Office Protection works seamlessly with existing hardware, and includes advanced features that help prevent data breaches, fraud, financial data theft, and hacking – all while helping to boost employee productivity with features such as RAM Boost to speed up devices.
Features for PC and Mac devices
Ransomware Shield: Prevents ransomware and other malicious software from harming files in protected folders 
Email Shield: Continuously checks incoming and outgoing emails to ensure they are malware-free 
Data Shredder: Permanently deletes confidential files that contain financial or customer data that don’t need to be recovered 
Remote Access Shield (Windows only): Blocks unwanted remote connections to prevent Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) exploits, which often are abused for ransomware attacks, and brute-force attacks
Features for Android and iOS operating software
Wi-Fi Security: Checks the security of any Wi-Fi network, public or private, before connecting
Password Leak: Monitors unlimited email addresses for passw ..