Patch Tuesday - July 2024

Patch Tuesday - July 2024

Microsoft is addressing 139 vulnerabilities this July 2024 Patch Tuesday, which is on the high side in terms of typical CVE counts. They’ve also republished details for 4 CVEs issued by other vendors that affect Microsoft products. Microsoft has evidence of in-the-wild exploitation for 2 of the vulnerabilities published today. At time of writing, none of the vulnerabilities patched today are listed in CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog, though we can expect CVE-2024-38080 and CVE-2024-38112 to appear there in short order. Microsoft is also patching 5 critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities today.

Windows Hyper-V: zero-day EoP

CVE-2024-38080 is an elevation of privilege (EoP) vulnerability affecting Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization functionality. Successful exploitation will give an attacker SYSTEM-level privileges. Only more recent editions of Windows are affected; Windows 11 since version 21H2 and Windows Server 2022 (including Server Core).

Windows MSHTML Platform: zero-day Spoofing

The other vulnerability seen exploited in the wild this month is CVE-2024-38112, a Spoofing vulnerability affecting Microsoft’s MSHTML browser engine which can be found on all versions of Windows, including Server editions. User interaction is required for exploitation – for example, a threat actor would need to send the victim a malicious file and convince them to open it. Microsoft is characteristically cagey about what exactly can be spoofed here, though they do indicate that the associated Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) is patch tuesday