OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns that other A.I. developers working on ChatGPT-like tools won’t put on safety limits—and the clock is ticking

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman believes artificial intelligence has incredible upside for society, but he also worries about how bad actors will use the technology. 

In an ABC News interview this week, he warned “there will be other people who don’t put some of the safety limits that we put on.” 

OpenAI released its A.I. chatbot ChatGPT to the public in late November, and this week it unveiled a more capable successor called GPT-4.

Other companies are racing to offer ChatGPT-like tools, giving OpenAI plenty of competition to worry about, despite the advantage of having Microsoft as a big investor

“It’s competitive out there,” OpenAI cofounder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever told The Verge in an interview published this week. “GPT-4 is not easy to develop…there are many many companies who want to do the same thing, so from a competitive side, you can see this as a maturation of the field.”

Sutskever was explaining OpenAI’s decision (with safety being another reason) to reveal little about GPT-4’s inner workings, causing many to question whether the name “OpenAI” still made sense. But his comments were also an acknowledgment of the slew of rivals nipping at OpenAI’s heels. 

Some of those ri ..

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