Only 11% of SA companies ready to fully deploy AI says Cisco report

Only 11% of SA companies ready to fully deploy AI says Cisco report
  • Cisco has released the findings of its AI readiness report, with the major local statistic being that only 11 percent of SA businesses are ready to fully deploy AI.

  • 98 percent noted an increased interest in getting an AI solution up and running within their organisation.

  • Cisco identified six key areas that need addressing if more companies are to deploy AI.

  • Every business is seemingly chasing artificial intelligence at the moment, with many still trying to see where best to deploy AI within their organisation.

    The same rings true within the South African ICT landscape, although not all companies are indeed ready. This is according to Cisco’s latest AI Readiness Index, which looked at over 8 000 companies globally, collating responses as to the willingness, capacity, and overall readiness that organisations are at when it comes to deploying fully-fledged AI in some manner.

    Looking closer at the local insights from the report, Cisco notes that only 11 percent of South African companies have said that they are ready to fully deploy AI. This is slightly less than the global mark, Cisco points out, which is sitting at 14 percent.

    While a small percentage of organisations have confirmed their readiness, the overwhelming majority are actively looking to deploying AI within their organisations. To that end, the Index notes that 98 percent of organisations in South Africa reported that the urgency to deploy AI-powered technologies has increased in their company in the past six months.

    “AI readiness has quickly ascended to become a top business priority, no matter the size or sector. The pressure is being felt and no one wants to be left behind as we catapult into the future. At the same time ..

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