Online Safety for Seniors – How to Keep Older Family Members Safe Online

Heard of the sandwich generation? Well, if you’ve got a tribe of kids and parents who are aging then you are a fully-fledged member! And as members of this special club, not only do we need to manage and keep our offspring in check, but we also have to reserve some energy to help our parents navigate life’s challenges which of course includes the online world. 

In the broadest sense, the sandwich generation is the ‘caught in the middle’ generation who have living parents and children to care for. More often than not, it’s people like us, smack-bang in middle age, who support both their parents and children financially, physically, and/or emotionally. And with life expectancies looking rosier than ever and many of us choosing to have careers before we become parents, it’s inevitable that us middle-aged folks are feeling a little squeezed at both ends! 

Digital Parenting Can Feel All Consuming 

Getting our head around keeping our kids safe online can feel overwhelming for many of us. Keeping up with the latest apps, games and platforms can often feel relentless and let’s not forget about trying to weave in cyber safety messages to ensure our kids make safe decisions online too. But when the downside of not being vigilant about online safety is so great, it’s essential that we extend our digital education messages to the older members of the family too! 

Over 90% of Aussie Seniors are Connected to the Internet 

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that it gave a real push to those who were resisting getting online. And in most cases, that was the older member of our society. Research from ACMA shows that by 20 ..

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