My GF shares internet with her neighbour. Suspecious message from Chrome

Hey Reddit

I'm nothing like a hacker myself so I have clue as to how I should interpret this message my girlfriend got from Google Chrome today.

The thing is, my GF shares internet with her neighbour, and he's studying engineering within electronics. He's a bit of a shy guy, and seems to be having a hard time every now and then - so we don't really know him or what he could potentially be doing.

Today, my girlfriend got a message from Chrome saying the following (translated from Danish):

"Your internet connection is being watched. An expansion has taken control over your proxy settings which means that it can change, destroy or monitor everything you're doing on the internet. If you're unsure why this change has happened, it is probably unwanted"

The following choises are given "Keep the changes" or "Restore default settings".

It could be that my girlfriend has just done something that could've caused this, but she doesn't think so.

Do we have reason to be worried as to whether her neighbour has something to do with this? Could he potentially easily hack her computer through the wifi?

It's probably worth mentioning that he's the formal owner of the internet and that the router is in his appartment.

Best regards Mussetand

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