MITRE Shield Matrix Highlights Deception & Concealment Technology

MITRE Shield Matrix Highlights Deception & Concealment Technology
The role that these technologies play in the MITRE Shield matrix is a clear indicator that they are an essential part of today's security landscape.

It's an age-old question: How do you know if you need more security? MITRE has been diligently working to document tactics and techniques to assess security readiness and answer this very challenging question. In late August, MITRE, a nonprofit organization, released a new knowledge matrix, called MITRE Shield, to complement the ATT&CK matrix.

The organization called it "an active defense knowledge base MITRE is developing to capture and organize what we are learning about active defense and adversary engagement." With its focus on active defense measures, MITRE designed Shield to help defenders understand their cybersecurity options and take proactive steps to defend their assets. Among the most common active defense techniques are cyber-deception and concealment technologies, which are featured heavily in the new Shield matrix.

What Is MITRE Shield, Exactly?At its core, MITRE Shield is a freely available knowledge base containing information on common techniques and tactics that helps defenders better understand the adversaries they face to protect their networks. More specifically, it is a guide to creating an Active Defense based on adversary engagement and lessons about:

How adversaries attack us
What tools they use
What they do after they establish a beachhead
What they are ultimately seeking

Like the organization's well-known ATT&CK matrix, Shield is presented in a tabular format, featuring eight tactics and a wide range of techniques mapped onto more specific use cases. The matrix helps counter known attack patterns and help defenders learn about the adversaries targeting them to better prepare for attacks in the future. In total, Shield covers 33 ..