Millions of Peoples� Data Exposed On The Dark Web Via an Unprotected Database; Hackers At Advantage

Quite recently, a badly secured database fell prey to hijacking by hackers. Millions of users� data was exposed. It was discovered by �Shodan Search Engine� last month. An infamous hacking group is speculated to be the reason.

A gigantic database containing records of over 275 million Indian citizens was found unprotected and now in the hands of a hacking group. The database which was exploited comes from a widely used name of �MongoDB�. The data in it seems to have come from various job portals, in light of the fields that were found out to be of �Resume IDs�, �functional areas� and �industry�. Along with some not so confidential information some really personal details like name, email ID, gender, date of birth, salary and mobile number were found.
Reportedly, a hacking group which goes by the name of �Unistellar group� happens to be behind the hijacking of this already unprotected database. Immediately after the unsafe database was discovered the cyber-security expert had informed the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team but in vain. The database was open and laid bare for anyone to advantage for at least two weeks. The owner of the database is yet to be known and it seems that it�s owned by an anonymous person or organization. The details of over 275 million people were out but as it turns out no Indian job portal holds information of members of such a large number.�

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