MDR Services and the Value of the Open and Extensible Security Analytics Platform

MDR Services and the Value of the Open and Extensible Security Analytics Platform


Secureworks® continues to promote customer flexibility in endpoint technology with the addition of Microsoft Defender and VMware Carbon Black for Enterprise EDR support
Proactive incident response readiness will greatly enhance responsiveness to help your security teams
Secureworks Taegis™ ManagedXDR, powered by our Taegis security analytics platform, is a leader in MDR (managed detection and response) services

There is no shortage of MDR services on the market, but the most effective have two common elements: flexibility and responsiveness.

Why do these capabilities matter?

The cost of your MDR purchase grows substantially if it requires you to rip and replace endpoint technologies that you’ve already invested in. Moreover, organizations purchase MDR services in part because they don’t have 24x7 security coverage internally, and even when an event happens during business hours, their security staff often does not have the time or the proper context to act.

A key for many organizations is deploying a security analytics platform that can ingest information from a variety of third-party technologies – a common scenario given organizations often have multiple technology vendors in their environment. This proliferation of technologies adds strain to training resources and internal security staff. Secureworks ManagedXDR alleviates this challenge and does it for you.

Internal security teams also need help improving investigation capabilities and accelerating the ability to respond to discovered threats. Many of those teams are overwhelmed with alerts and unable to pivot away from the tactical firefighting of the day to more strategic, proactive threat hunting. Proactive response actions take much of the burden and potential delays off internal teams by providing a means for Secureworks to take acti ..