Make New Connections with (ISC)² Community

Make New Connections with (ISC)² Community

Are you looking for a space to connect with your peers in the cybersecurity industry? (ISC)² Community connects you to a global network of cybersecurity professionals through an interactive and engaging platform. Community offers members and non-members an opportunity to share insights on the latest cybersecurity trends, ask questions, share knowledge, or voice opinions. 

Community welcomes all levels of experience to weighing in on the current topics and trending conversations through public discussion or private chats. Users can subscribe to popular threads based on interests such as cloud security, privacy, tech talk, career, and more.  

Community Groups encourage engagement through all stages of your career. For those just beginning, study groups for each certification allow candidates to discuss and meet for exam tips and practice items. Upon completion of your endorsement, members can join certification-based private groups.  

Further networking opportunities are available by joining your local area Chapter’s Group Hub or connections in groups with those who share similar interests and experiences to you, such as Military Veterans, Early Career Associates, or Consulting Professionals.  

Public chats and discussion topics are easily accessible through the search tool. Participants can reference over 38,000 posts for insights or to find topics to contribute their experiences to.  

Register through to join over 33,000 cybersecurity professionals conversing across the globe 24/7.  Watch the i ..

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