Magecart hackers launched largest ever attack against Magento stores

Magecart hackers launched largest ever attack against Magento stores

Around 1,904 individual online stores were hacked due to the outdated Magento 1 platform.

This weekend, the Magecart hackers managed to compromise 1,904 online stores in what seems to be the most extensive automated hacking campaign from the gang researchers have ever detected.

According to the Dutch cybersecurity firm Sanguine Security (SanSec), all the targeted online stores were using outdated Magento 1 e-commerce platform. Around ten stores were attacked on Friday, 11 Sep, 1,058 stores on Saturday, 603 on Sunday, and 233 on Monday.

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Magecart hackers used their typical techniques to compromise such a large number of sites. They breached the sites’ security to insert malicious scripts within the site’s source code, especially the code that logged payment card data that facilitates the checkout process for shoppers.

The stores were hit with a web skimming campaign over the weekend, and only those stores that were still using the Magento 1 platform were targeted.

It is worth noting that this version entered its end-of-life phase on 30 June 2019 and didn’t receive any new security updates for the past 12 months. A majority of the compromised stores were running on the 1.x version of Magento online store software.

A hacker selling zero-day exploit of the same vulnerability on a Russian hacking forum ..