Learn to Code Your Own Games with This Hands-on Bundle

Learn to Code Your Own Games with This Hands-on Bundle

We've shared a capture-the-flag game for grabbing handshakes and cracking passwords for Wi-Fi, and there are some upcoming CTF games we plan on sharing for other Wi-Fi hacks and even a dead-drop game. While security-minded activities and war games are excellent ways to improve your hacking skills, coding a real video game is also an excellent exercise for improving your programming abilities.

Thorough knowledge of the world's most powerful programming languages isn't just useful for working in a wide range of tech and IT environments, such as cybersecurity, it's also a prerequisite for creating your very own games in the comfort of your own home. You'll also need some solid programming know-how to reverse engineer games and find zero-day vulnerabilities and other bugs in them.

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So, whether you're interested in casually crafting a fully-customized video game in your spare time, finding loopholes in a popular game's backend, or looking to turn your compound love of gaming and development into a full-fledged career, you need to have an in-depth understanding of how to apply languages like C++ to your builds.

The Hands-On Game Development Bundle: Make Your Own Games bundle comes loaded with ten courses and 12 hours of detailed instruction that will teach you how to create a wide range of pro-level games regardless of ..