Kids and Mobile Devices


The number of ways children today can go online and interact with others is staggering. From new social media apps and games to schools issuing Chromebooks, kids’ social lives and futures depend on their ability to make the most of technology. As parents, we want to make sure they do so in a safe and secure manner. However, this can be a challenge, as many of us never grew up in a technical environment like this. To help you, we cover the key steps to enabling today’s kids to make the most of technology safely and securely.


The key to protecting kids online is to education them and make sure that you talk to them and they talk to you.

The number one step you can take is communication; make sure you are always talking to your kids and they are talking to you. Far too often, parents get caught up in the technology, asking questions such as, “What apps are good or bad,” or “What is the best kids’ security software.” Ultimately, this is not a technology challenge, but a behavior and values challenge. We want kids to behave online as they would in the real world. A good place to start is to create a list of rules or expectations with your kids on how they should use technology. Here are some things to consider: (Remember, these rules will evolve as kids get older.)

Times when they can or cannot go online, and for how long.
Ask your children who their online friends or followers are, and how they become friends. Do they actually know the people that they are connected to online?
Talk about the types of websites they should or should not visit, games t ..

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